Materials in Cedarville Rancheria Claim to Immunity under Bankruptcy Act

Here are materials in In re Diven (E.D. Cal. Bkrcy.):

86 Diven Motion for Sanctions

111 Amended Opposition to Motion for Sanctions (FINAL)

114 Debtors Reply

116 Diven Decision

117 Order on Sanctions

Delegation representing 20,000 Californian Indians meeting with Senator Hiram Johnson: Photograph shows a delegation of eight Native American men from California representing 300 tribes and bands of Californian Indians meeting with Senator Johnson during visit to Congress to petition them to honor the Lost Treaties of 1851 and 1852; delegation members include Alfred C. Gillis (Wintun), Thomas H. Billings (Scotts Valley), Harrison Diaz (Paiute), William Fuller (Me-Wuk), Frank Isles (Klamath), Stephen Night (Ukiah), Albert Wilder (Central Klamath).  [LOC]