Tribal Judicial Administration in California Course – California Tribal College

Are you interested in Tribal justice, leadership, and working with the community? We are offering our first Tribal Judicial Administration Certificate Program! It will be a short 8-week program; classes are online and during the evening!

We are excited to partner with Field of Tribal Courts for this first-of-a-kind course!

This online course will help California tribal community members prepare for a career in a California tribal court. This course gives a general overview on how tribal court systems compare with the American and international indigenous legal systems, the evolution of California tribal courts, and the main areas of tribal judicial administration in the following areas: Tribal Court Governance, Court Office Administration, Case Management and Trials, Financial Management, Court Staff Management, Community and Court Office Relations, and Court Planning and Performance (with a special focus on Court Development Management). In addition, this course aims to develop and prepare community members to be cross-trained for the role of either the court administrator or court clerk and identifies challenges tribal courts face today.

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