Background Materials in Arizona v. Navajo Nation

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Merits stage briefs:

Federal Brief

Colorado Brief

Arizona Brief

Navajo Nation Brief

Arizona Reply

Colorado Reply

Federal Reply

Joint Appendix

Merits Stage Amicus Briefs (supporting Petitioners; there’s a second one but I refuse to give space on my blog to those rancid bigots):

Western Water Users Amicus

Merits Stage Amicus Briefs (supporting Respondents):

Coalition of Large Tribes Amicus Brief

DigDeep Right to Water Project Amicus Brief

Diné Hataalii Association Amicus Brief

Historians Amicus Brief

McCool Rosser Wilkins Amicus Brief

Southern Ute and Ute Mountain Ute Amicus Brief

Tribal Nations and Indian Organizations Amicus Brief

Ute Indian Tribe Amicus Brief

Water Scholars Brief

Cert Stage Briefs:

Arizona Petition 21-1484

Navajo Opposition 21-1484

Federal Response in 21-1484

Arizona Reply 21-1484

Federal Petition 22-51

Navajo Opposition 22-51

States Reponse 22-51

Federal Reply 22-51

Ninth Circuit En Banc Materials

Amended Order + Denial of En Banc Petition

US En Banc Petition

Water District En Banc Petition

Navajo Response

Ninth Circuit Panel Materials:



District Court Materials:

Third Amended Complaint materials

339 US Response

340 Utility and State Response

346 Navajo Reply

360-1 Navajo Renewed Motion

369 Utility and State Response

370 US Response

375 Navajo Reply

385 DCT Order

This don’t look like this no more.