DOJ Office of Tribal Justice Deputy Director Opening

Closes August 19, application here.


As Deputy Director, partners with the Director in component-level leadership responsibilities, including policy- and program-related decision making, organizational development, strategic planning, and representation of the Office of Tribal Justice and the Department of Justice.

Incumbent advises the Director of the Office of Tribal Justice and senior Department of Justice leadership on significant tribal justice matters; participates in policy and legislative development and review; and represents the Office of Tribal Justice and the Department in meetings and conferences within and outside the Department.

Advises Department of Justice components litigating, protecting, or otherwise addressing Native American rights and/or related issues.

Confers and coordinates with attorneys and officials of the Department of Justice, other government agencies, and interested parties to provide guidance and advice to ensure compliance with statutory, regulatory, and policy requirements.

Maintains liaison with federally recognized tribes, and works with the appropriate federal, tribal, state, and local officials, professional associations, and public interest groups.

Salaita Academic Freedom Case Partially Survives Motion to Dismiss

Memorandum Opinion and Order Here

Taking the facts in the Complaint as true, Defendants actions were far from routine — they were unprecedented. At a minimum, the University’s conduct here was not routine in relation to the other professors who were all appointed summarily and without individual consideration. The Complaint alleges that never before has the Board or University singled out a professor for similar treatment in response to extramural speech on a matter of public concern. The only difference between Dr. Salaita and the other 120 professors who were treated differently appears to be Dr. Salaita’s tweets. This increases the plausibility of Dr. Salaita’s conspiracy claim generally and his specific claim that he was being punished for his speech.