MSU Conference: Neocolonial Inscription and Performance of American Indian Identity in American Higher Education: Oct. 16-17

The conference will attempt to address and review issues of American Indian identity in higher education.  Through this process, we hope to create and expand inter-community, inter-institutional and public dialogue on American Indians in higher education.  The two day conference will examine key issues such as tribal sovereignty, faculty hiring, current university practices allowing self-identification, and explore who should represent American Indians in American Indian higher education programs and departments.

As a result of this conference, we hope to make MSU a better community, a more honest community, a place where diversity engenders not only inclusion in name, but where diversity includes, reflects and respects diverse ways of knowing and thinking, as well as diverse means for reception, delivery and acceptance of cultural competencies and production.

Keynote Speakers:

Dr. Cornel Pewewardy

The Honorable Steve Russell