Updated Materials in Cherokee Election Dispute (Updated again on 7/12/2011)


From the Cherokee judiciary website (no.05):

From the Cherokee judiciary website (no.06):

1- Appeal and Challenge of 2011 General Election
1- Appeal Exhibits 1-4
1- Appeal Exhibit 5a
1- Appeal Exhibit 5b
1- Appeal Exhibit 5c
1- Appeal Exhibit 5d
1- Appeal Exhibit 5e
1- Appeal Exhibit 5f
1- Appeal Exhibit 8
2- Order
3- Amended Order
4- Motion to Seal
5- Motion to Compel
6- Notice of Document Subpoena
7- Order
8- Motion to Intervene
9- Motion to Dismiss Appeal and Challenege

Briefing in Cherokee Nation Appeal of Nash Decision in Freedmen Case

Thanks for Marilyn Vann for the head’s up.

The briefs are here, and hopefully links will work below as well:

1- Petition in Error 1-25-11
2- Designation of Record 2-7-11
3- Entry of Appearance 2-23-11
4- Response to Petition in Error 2-23-11
5- Counter-Designation of Record 2-23-11
6-Certification of Court Clerk
7-Brief 4-25-11
8-Appellees’ Answer Brief 6-3-11 part 1
8-Appellees’ Answer Brief 6-3-11 part 2
8-Appellees’ Answer Brief 6-3-11 part 3
8-Appellees’ Answer Brief 6-3-11 part 4

Cherokee Nation Supreme Court Strikes Down Redistricting Plan

Here is the opinion in Cowan-Watts v. Smith: Cherokee Nation election case.

An excerpt:

The Court FINDS that the portion of the Legislative Act 22-10 purporting to create a district with a 22.8% deviation in representation is hereby determined to be unconstitutional. This Court further finds that the redistricting plan offered by Cowan-Watts is a constitutional alternative, but we do not adopt such measure because to do so would violate the Separation of Powers Doctrine. The final decision on redistricting is for the Cherokee Nation Tribal Council and they should act immediately to readdress the issue of redistricting by legislation.