Sports Mascots–Lenawee County Schools

This is an older article from the Tecumseh Herald (I attended Tecumseh Elementary and Junior High–Tecumseh’s sports teams were called the Indians, and still are.):


A petition to change Clinton High School’s Redskins mascot has been issued to the school superintendent, Dave Pray, by Elspeth and Kylista Geiger. In a letter to the editor in the Clinton Local last week, the two Clinton residents claimed that,“The use of the mascot produces derogatory images of people that arede-humanizing to entire nations of people within this country. The redskins as a mascot is a kin to celebrating the marginalization of American Indians and promoting the belief that they are not real people but characters for our amusement.”

Both the Michigan Civil Rights Commission (2002) and the Michigan State Board of Education (2003) passed resolutions to eliminate the use of a person’s race or culture as a school’s mascot, logo and nickname. Michigan’s State Board of Education unanimously passed a resolution “strongly recommending the elimination of American Indian nicknames, mascots or logos, fight songs, insignias, antics and team descriptors by Michigan public schools.”

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