Gila River Indian Community Response to PLF Amicus Brief in Brackeen

We rarely post press releases, but this exception is an important one. Here is the Gila River press release explaining more about the C.J. Jr. case that the Pacific Legal Foundation is trying to use to undermine ICWA.

GRIC Statement on PLF Brief 06-07-22[3]


PLF’s brief falsely portrays ICWA as causing delays in C.J., Jr.’s and other cases. The delays in C.J., Jr.’s case were caused not by ICWA, but the failure of the Ohio courts and child welfare agencies to timely notify the Community of the case and an unprecedented level of obstruction and bias against the Community from the courtappointed guardian ad litem (who filed two appeals of the juvenile court’s decisions and moved to delay resolution of the appeals). The Community successfully sought removal of the guardian for misconduct and bias, but only after lengthy delays. PLF is fully aware of this, as one of the attorneys who signed their amicus brief in Brackeen v. Haaland represented the guardian ad litem who was removed from the case.