Great Elk Dancer Loses Section 1983 Complaint against Ohio City

Here are the materials in Great Elk Dancer for his Elk Nation v. Miller (S.D. Ohio):

42 City Motion for Summary J

64 Magistrate Judge R&R

70 DCT Order

G. had survived a motion to dismiss earlier, posted here.

Section 1983 Suit against City of Logan, OH Survives Motion to Dismiss — Alleged Racial Harassment by City Office of Native-Owned Business

Here are the materials in Great Elk Dancer for his Elk Nation v. Miller (S.D. Ohio):

17 MJ R&R

25 DCT order

An excerpt:

Plaintiff, who is proceeding pro se and in forma pauperis, brings this civil rights action under 43 U.S.C. § 1983. In a nutshell, Plaintiff asserts Defendants arbitrarily and capriciously interfered with his business operations and targeted him for harassment because he is a Native American, thereby violating his federal constitutional rights. On August 19, 2013, the Magistrate Judge issued a Second Initial Screening Report and Recommendation (“R & R”) in which he recommended that the Court allow this lawsuit to proceed against Defendants Mayor J. Martin Irvine, Fire Chief Brian Robertson, Officer Josh Mowery, and City Services Director Steve Shaw (collectively, “City Defendants”). R & R 11, ECF No. 17. He also recommended that the Court dismiss the remaining Defendants. Id. In addition, the Magistrate Judge recommended that the Court deny Defendants’ motions to strike Plaintiffs first amended complaint. Id. at 11 (denying ECF Nos. 9 & 13). The City Defendants filed timely objections to the R & R. ECF No. 19. The Court now considers those objections.