Fake Indian Habeas Challenge to State Conviction Fails

Here is the opinion in Metaphyzic El-Ectroraagnetic Supreme-El v. Director, Dept. of Corrections (E.D. Va.):

27 DCT Order

An excerpt:

Additionally, in Claims 8 and 9, Supreme–El argues that the Virginia courts violated “Article 39 of Rights of Indigenous Peoples,” because “Moorish nationals operate through a fee simple absolute estate lien,” (§ 2254 Pet. 11–D), and violated the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” because “officers hindered Petitioner in his official duties” and “deprived the Petitioner of his nationality,” through an arbitrary arrest and detention (id. at 11–E). Supreme–El fails to demonstrate that the “Rights of Indigenous Peoples” and “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” entitle him to federal habeas relief. See Bey v. Ohio, No. 1:11–CV–01048, 2011 WL 4007719, at *2 (N.D.Ohio Sept. 9, 2011)(explaining that the “ ‘Universal Declaration of Humans Rights’ “ … and “ ‘Rights of Indigenous Peoples 1994’ … are not recognized by United States courts as legally binding”).