Fake Indian Alert: Utah Supreme Court Addresses Fake Tribal Court Orders

Here is the opinion in DFI Properties v. GR 2 Enterprises (link) (DFIProp110210).

An excerpt:

On the morning of the scheduled conference, Mr. Granados, acting without counsel, filed three documents with the district court. These documents, an “Order for Hearing to Show Cause,” an “Order to Stay Proceedings,” and a “Petition for Hearing to Show Cause, Stay of Proceedings, and for Declaratory Relief,” were signed by Judge Clayton of the “First Federal District Court, Western Region.” This court is neither a state court nor a federal court. Rather, it is a tribal court of the NATO Indian Nation. The documents asserted that Mr. Granados was a member of the tribe and that, pursuant to certain aspects of federal law, tribal courts have exclusive jurisdiction over matters involving tribe members. Based on this purported exclusive jurisdiction, the documents ordered the district court to stay the proceedings pending resolution of the matter in tribal court.

Mr. Granados received Rule 11 sanctions.