NNABA Foundation Bar Review Scholarship

The National Native American Bar Association (NNABA) Foundation is continuing to accept applications for the 2021 Bar Review Scholarship. This scholarship is intended to alleviate some of the financial strains to ensure that future Native attorneys can successfully devote their mind and spirit to the final hurdle of becoming legal warriors. Applications are due March 1, 2021 to scholarship@nativeamericanbar.org. Please visit www.NativeAmericanBar.org for the full application criteria. Awardees will be honored at the NNABA Annual Meeting.

Additionally, the NNABA Foundation’s 2021 scholarship awards will be given in memory of some of our legal warriors who journeyed on this past year. The hope is that our awardees will carry the spirit and fight of their memorial award as they prepare for the bar exam and honor our legal warriors’ memories as they enter the legal profession.

If you would like to nominate a legal warrior to be honored in this way, please submit their name, bio, and photo (if appropriate) to scholarship@nativeamericanbar.org for consideration by the Scholarship Committee. If you would like to donate to this year’s scholarship awards, you can make donations to the NNABA Foundation at https://www.nativeamericanbar.org/the-national-native-american-bar-association-foundation/.