Minnesota SCT Confirms Authority of Tribal Police to Detain and Expel Non-Indians from Rez

Here is the opinion in State v. Thompson:


The court’s syllabus:

When, on the Red Lake Reservation, a non-Indian violates a Minnesota law under circumstances where the non-Indian is subject to the State of Minnesota’s criminal jurisdiction, Red Lake Band police officers are authorized to detain and expel the non-Indian from the Reservation.

Minnesota COA Confirms Tribal Police Have Power to Detain and Deliver Non-Indians

Here is the opinion in State v. Thompson.

The court’s syllabus:

If a tribal police officer suspects a person who is not an Indian of violating a Minnesota criminal statute on an Indian reservation, and if the victim is not an Indian or there is no victim, the tribal police officer lawfully may detain the person and deliver him or her to state law-enforcement authorities for further investigation and prosecution.