TSA to Accept Tribal IDs

TSA Announces Tribal Government Photo ID Cards Acceptable Documents for Domestic Flights

NCAI is delighted that after months of collaboration, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced on April 28 it will officially accept Tribal government photo ID cards as identification for domestic flights.

TSA announced a series of improvements in its aviation security and traveler screening system to strengthen security and streamline procedures for travelers while reducing the “hassle factor” for travelers. The revision includes new list of acceptable forms of identification. This new list includes “Native American Tribal Photo ID” and Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) Cards as one of the documents that will be accepted at TSA airport checkpoints in the United States.

The NCAI Homeland Security Working Group has been working vigorously to ensure Tribal ID cards receive the same respect accorded to all governmental identification. TSA’s decision is the result of the persistent efforts of the Working Group. The Working Group was also successful in obtaining approval of Tribal ID cards for international land border crossings earlier this year. For further information on this new rule or the NCAI Homeland Security Working Group, contact Heather Dawn Thompson, hthompson@ncai.org or Robert Holden, rholden@ncai.org at NCAI.