Utah Domestic Violence Council Economic Justice and Empowerment Project Final Report

Here, via SSRN.

From the report (author, Dr. Rebecca Hall):

This report provides a record of the work I performed as the Economic Justice Coordinator for UDVC between January 2010 and April 2011. It is designed to be useful for any DV advocate who is approaching issues of economic empowerment and justice at the systems level. Most of the work completed is folded into the narrative, particularly in the assessment and contact sections. Rather than creating a list of projects completed, I incorporated this information topically were it would be of most help to someone using this report in the future. There is a resource section at the end, which is by no means comprehensive. I focused on the resources and contacts that are not already well-integrated into UDVC’s collaboration and referral structure. Also, the Economic Empowerment Curriculum provides a more comprehensive topical discussion of resources, which this report merely complements. These two projects should be used in conjunction with each other. Further, I left folders on the UDVC’ shared drive which contains policy articles and discussion of many of the substantive areas of Economic Justice and Empowerment. I have appended a brief summary of the trainings, and will attach in hard copy the lists of those trained and their contact information