Wizipan Garriott Named First Americans Public Liaison

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From Indianz:

President-elect Barack Obama has created a “First Americans Public Liaison” post on his transition team, Indian Country Today reports.

Wizipan Garriott, a member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe of South Dakota, was named to the post. His job is to work with tribes, though he appears unable to comment publicly about his efforts. Garriott served as director of the Native vote outreach for the Obama campaign. He is one of seven prominent tribal members on Obama’s transition team.

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Wizipan Garriott named Obama’s First Americans Public Liaison (Indian Country Today 12/8)

Mother Jones on Obama and Indian Country

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From Mother Jones (H/T Indianz):

If Barack Obama wins New Mexico on November 4, he may want to thank Wizipan Garriott, the vote director of what the Obama campaign calls its “First Americans” voter outreach program. The effort targets the politically neglected but heavily Democratic Native American vote, which Obama strategists believe could be critical to putting some historically red states into play for Obama.

The Obama campaign is reluctant to discuss the details of its ground game, but it’s clear the campaign’s Native American outreach strategy is extensive. The campaign has two Chicago-based staffers devoted to coordinating the nationwide effort, and Garriott has recruited locals on reservations around the country to serve as paid organizers. Montana, Alaska, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and New Mexico have all been targeted at points in the campaign.

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