3 thoughts on “Ralph Engelstad Arena & the “Fighting Sioux” Epithet

  1. DG Charlton August 23, 2009 / 11:36 am

    As a proud alumnus of the school, I respectfully suggest you know nothing about this issue. Political correctness is “truth sacrificed on the altar of sensitivity” as you so clearly show.

  2. Matthew L.M. Fletcher August 23, 2009 / 8:43 pm

    As a former faculty member (2004-2006), I can assure you political correctness has nothing to do with it. If you understood how difficult it is for many Native students to attend UND because of the “Fighting Sioux,” you would know that common decency is the issue.

  3. Lynn Bergman December 5, 2009 / 7:43 pm


    The Indian Head logo must be removed from the side of every North Dakota State Trooper vehicle and from every state highway road sign; and the despicable word “Sioux” must be removed from every river, stream, town city, bar, or anything else with the word “Sioux” on it, including every single coin with an Indian Head logo on it. Not until every single reference to the word “Sioux” is expunged from the state of North Dakota will any respectable North Dakotan get a full night’s sleep!

    Replacement of every single Indian Head and every single reference to the word “Sioux” will finally render North Dakota free of racial prejudice!

    And think of all the tourists that will be rushing to reservations in North Dakota just to get a glimpse of the last athletic team to use Sioux, Brave, Warrior, or any of the other legitimate reference to Indian culture…

    It’s lucky this isn’t the decade of the sixties…or people might think an attempt was being made to wipe out any and all public references to the entire American Indian culture and tradition within North Dakota…

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