US Civil Rights Commission: Racism in Rez Border Towns

Given the strange make-up of the current US Civil Rights Commission (that recently “warned” of the harm that affirmative action causes to students and argued that the Akaka Bill was unconstutional), one wonders what will come of this particular panel.

The press release is here.

2 thoughts on “US Civil Rights Commission: Racism in Rez Border Towns

  1. Sarah Deer November 8, 2007 / 7:11 pm

    I noticed no women are scheduled to speak. I’m sure racism in border towns doesn’t just affect men.

  2. Matthew L.M. Fletcher November 8, 2007 / 7:32 pm

    That’s a very astute observation. As I noted in the original entry, I’m suspicious of this version of the Civil Rights Commission. I won’t say that it’s an intentional thing (excluding women) but it’s seems very possible that the particular direction of this panel is not well thought out. Such an oversight should be obvious to a commission seriously concerned about civil rights.

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