Kanaka Maoli and Maunakea

Aloha Kakou_Mauna Kea Letter.

The above letter is written by Violet Pohakuku’i’ai Lui-Frank. The mountain has been met with over 50 years of mismanagement and broken promises. Now being heard around the world, Kanaka maoli remain committed to protecting the ‘aina from further desecration with no plans of leaving Maunakea until TMT leaves Hawai’i.

More info here: puuhuluhulu.com

OHA statement on yesterday’s arrest of kūpuna and others on Maunakea

The arrests Wednesday morning happened at the base of Mauna Kea, where an estimated 1,000 Maunakea Kai’i have gathered to try to block construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope (“TMT”). Despite the 33 arrests, the protest at the base of the summit has remained peaceful. Governor Ige of Hawai’i declared a state of emergency following the arrests.

OHA Statement here: “The Native Hawaiian community weeps today.”

State of Hawai’i Emergency Proclamation – Mauna Kea.

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Conflict on Mauna A Wakea

Hawaii News Now

Video ‘Conflict of Mauna Kea,’ a timeline exploring the history of tension over the Thirty Meter Telescope.

Updates here.

Office of Hawaiian Affairs

Mauna Kea.

OHA testimony on the Mauna Kea admin rules.

Draft rules from UH.

Department of Land and Natural Resources

Documents relating to the Thirty Meter Telescope.

Mauna Kea FAQ.

State of Hawai’i, Office of Hawaiian Affairs: “Mauna Kea is a deeply sacred place that is revered in Hawaiian traditions. It’s regarded as a shrine for worship, as a home to the gods, and as the piko of Hawaiʻi Island.

Mauna Kea is also a critical part of the ceded lands trust that the State of Hawaiʻi must protect and preserve for future generations, pursuant to its kuleana as a trustee.

Despite four state audits and generations of Native Hawaiians expressing concern about the threats to Mauna Kea, the state and the University of Hawaiʻi have continuously neglected their legal duties to adequately manage the mountain. Instead, they have prioritized astronomical development at the expense of properly caring for Mauna Kea’s natural and cultural resources.”

Journal publishes largest collection of scientific publications by Native Hawaiians

An interdisciplinary group of researchers from the University of Hawaiʻi teamed up with colleagues from other universities and several Native Hawaiian communities compiling work that collectively highlights Hawaiʻi as a global leader in the realm of biocultural restoration and aims to influence policy both locally and internationally.

See the UH news article here.

Read the special issue of Sustainability here.

Ninth Circuit Dismisses Challenge to Native Hawaiian Governmental Elections as Moot

Here is the opinion in Akina v. State of Hawai’i.

An excerpt:

These appeals concern recent efforts by a group of Native Hawaiians to establish their own government. The plaintiffs are Hawaii residents who challenge that process. They appeal the district court’s order denying their request for a preliminary injunction to stop activities related to the drafting and ratification of self-governance documents. Separately, another group of Hawaii residents appeals the district court’s denial of their motion to intervene in the plaintiffs’ lawsuit. For the reasons that follow, we dismiss the plaintiffs’ appeal of the preliminary injunction order as moot, and we affirm the district court’s denial of the motion to intervene.

Briefs here.

Ninth Circuit Materials in Keli’i Akina v. State of Hawaii


Appellant Supplemental Brief

Na’i Aupuni Answer Brief

Na’i Aupuni Supplemental Brief

Office of Hawaiian Affairs Answer Brief

Office of Hawaiian Affairs Supplemental Brief

Opening Brief

State Supplemental Brief

Oral argument video and audio.