Omaha Tribe Demands $120 Million from U. Neb. Billion Dollar Fund Raiser

From the Rapid City Journal (thanks to V.H.):

MACY, Neb. — The Omaha Tribal Historical Research Project, a multicultural research group for the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska and Iowa, is demanding that the University of Nebraska Foundation set aside 10 percent of its One Billion Dollar Endowment Campaign, saying the university hasn’t compensated the tribe for its for-profit use in research materials of tribal material and intellectual and cultural property.

That would amount to about $120 million for the tribe.

Dennis Hastings, Omaha Tribal Historical Research Project’s founder, sent a letter to Clarence Castner, University of Nebraska Foundation head, saying that the university has commercialized the ancestral and contemporary culture of the sovereign Omaha Tribe of Nebraska and Iowa through the school’s publications, research and academic activities for the university’s growth and academic gain.

Scores of academic initiatives, programs, private, state and federal grants, research articles and books have been generated about the Omaha, all with little tribal consultation or recompense, Hastings said in the letter.

The letter is part of a larger report alleging institutional racism at the university.

No response from the university was available on Sunday.