Federal Court Preliminary Injunction in PACT Act Tobacco Case

Here is an update in Red Earth LLC v. United States (W.D. N.Y.) (news article here, via Pechanga):

USA Opposition to Motion for PI

Order – PI (7-30-10)

The TRO materials are here.

4 thoughts on “Federal Court Preliminary Injunction in PACT Act Tobacco Case

  1. Leonard Fox August 6, 2010 / 4:57 pm

    I still cannot believe that the PACT act is constitutional. Tobacco in all of its forms is a legal product, and forbidding its shipment seems to me to be an illegal restraint of trade.
    Of course, the Seneca Nation does not have the big bucks to bribe Congress-people, as the huge tobacco companies do! Nor does it have the population numbers to make an appreciable difference in elections, so why should the crooks in Washington care?
    Apparently, the US government has not given up on its centuries-old efforts to harm Native Americans in any way that it can. While it puts them out of work, it “deplores” the rate of unemployment on Native American lands (i.e., the so-called “reservations”). What incredible and outrageous hypocrisy!

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