Wisconsin COA Decides First Case under State Tribal Court Transfer Rule

Here is the opinion in Kroner v. Oneida Seven Generations Corp. (and here are the briefs we have):


John Kroner appeals an order transferring his civil suit to the Oneida Tribal Judicial System pursuant to WIS. STAT. § 801.54, titled, discretionary transfer of civil actions to tribal court. Kroner argues the circuit court erred because the record did not support its determination that the tribal court had concurrent jurisdiction. Kroner further contends the court failed to properly consider the statutory discretion factors. We conclude the record supports the circuit court’s exercise of discretion, and affirm.

4 thoughts on “Wisconsin COA Decides First Case under State Tribal Court Transfer Rule

  1. Willow June 2, 2011 / 9:46 am

    A rich man screwed-up at his job and got fired. Hmmm. O.K.
    But, he gets to file a civil suit to try to go back to work, where they don’t want him anymore.
    You or I get fired for screwing up and we go home mad or sad, recover and then go out and find a new job.
    The rich seem to have a much higher opinion of themselves. We see stuff like this and have and even lower opinion of the rich.

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