SCT Issues Call for Response to Minn. AG re: Beaulieu Cert Petition

Here is the CFR (US S Ct Clerk ltr2 Mn Atty Gen 2-13-2012).

This is interesting, and should place the case on the list of petitions to watch. The fairly significant confusion in Minnesota PL 280 jurisdiction cases may be playing a role here.

The petition is here.

3 thoughts on “SCT Issues Call for Response to Minn. AG re: Beaulieu Cert Petition

  1. Choctaw Florida (@Choctawu) February 22, 2012 / 12:31 pm

    This would be a good thing to make remove this from the books. Since the Choctaw Treaty of 1786 states when States intervention maybe considererd dealing with a Murdered foreigner or immigrate or Aboriginal Native.
    The Choctaw Moral Nation State is near State of Florida and their subdivisions are in our tribal village. Which would give the Aboriginal Nation, authority and jurisdiction. We are sovereign Nations Authority, which can handle immigration issues, jurisdictions, fair dealings, and not abuse discretion as Public Law has allowed States of whatever to do. Many States have practiced Genocide and Eugenics since States are 501s'(church organizations). The townsites ( Municipal Corporations and Charters) they were created for the sole purpose to break-up tribal governments and benefit themselves from the Natural resources which belong to the aboriginal Native Nations presiding before the creation of statehoods.
    Yes, it will be a great welcome to the aboriginal Native Nations and a great relief. Mainly,criminal and civil jurisdictions can enforced properly according to Law and Treaties, agreed upon by the United States.

    Click to access solomon.pdf

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