California Appeals Court Declines to Halt Tejon Ranch Development (Cultural Resources)

Here is the unpublished opinion in Center for Biological Diversity v. Kern County (Cal. App.):

CBD v Kern County

An interesting footnote in the opinion (note 8 on page 48:

Delia “Dee” Dominguez, a Native American who, as will be seen, was designated as one of those “most likely descended” from the inhabitants of the area (§ 5097.98), objected in a comment letter to the use of the term Tejon Tribe. She pointed out that the inhabitants of the area were of several distinct tribes, and stated that “the Ranch should not be allowed to rely on made-up tribes to cover their actions.”

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  1. John Anderson November 3, 2013 / 1:32 pm


    I would like to talk to you by email or phone.

    The issue of federallyrecognized Tejon descendants has been brought to my attention. I agree with your statement that there is not one Tejon tribe. You can find many of my web pages on Tejon with a quick search. I have worked with various Chumash groups and have studied the Kitanemuk history and culture. Perhaps we would find interests in common.

    Best wishes,
    John Anderson
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