RIP Russell Means


And here are a series of published opinions in cases involving Russell Means. Very colorful.

US v Banks & Means

US v Means CA8

US v Means & Poor Bear

US v Means CA8 1988

State of South Dakota v. Means

State of South Dakota v. Means — bail

US Marshals Service v Means

US Marshals Service v Means — Fees

Means v Wilson

Means v. District Court

Means v Navajo Nation

The last two cases, of course, are important precedents in tribal and federal Indian law. The Navajo Supreme Court spoke on the question of tribal criminal jurisdiction over nonmember Indians, holding arguments at Harvard Law School:

One thought on “RIP Russell Means

  1. vance gillette October 24, 2012 / 12:20 am

    in l976 in US v R Means and Poor Bear, a sociological attitude study showing racial prejudice against Indians in the Bismarck, ND area. The
    indicators of ‘conservatism’ and lack of diversity were attitudes held by
    white persons, per questionaires by Dr. S. Haring.
    Fast forward to 2010-12. The UND Fighting SIoux issue portrayed Indians as sub-human cartoon chartacters, with taunts and racial slurs against Indians in North Dakota. POINT: From l976 to 2012, some 35
    years later and racist attitudes still linger.
    Most Indian criminal defendants lack funds to have expert witnesses
    and a jury attitude study, at done in US v. Means. The result is a sky
    high rate of Indians in the state pen (jail).
    Many still say there is no racial prejudice against Indians in ND, but
    the facts or statistics show otherwise.
    Russell Means stood up for what he believed in and for this he
    stood up for all.

    vance gillette Indian attorney new town nd

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