Umatilla Tribal Court Hands Down 27 Month Sentence under TLOA’s Enhanced Sentencing Rules


From Brent Leonhard:

Just to clarify a few things about the story:

The info isn’t entirely accurate, but it isn’t too far off. If the BOP doesn’t pick up the tab, the Tribe will have to pay for incarceration and we contract with Umatilla county – not federal prison. Also, I’m fairly sure we are the first to implement felony sentencing (we did it in March of 2011). Finally, this was the third person sentenced to more than a year for a felony offense, but the first to have jail time imposed of over a year for a single offense. (The other two had 3 years imposed but all but 6 months was suspended in one and all but 3 months suspended in the other – with 3 years of probation and the suspended time hanging over their heads).

The big issue is whether the BOP Pilot Project will accept our referral on the 27 month imposed jail sentence so the feds will eat the cost and house him in their system. I’m waiting to hear back on that.