Louise Erdrich NYTs Op\Ed on Violence against Indian Women


A excerpt:

What seems like dry legislation can leave Native women at the mercy of their predators or provide a slim margin of hope for justice. As a Cheyenne proverb goes, a nation is not conquered until the hearts of its women are on the ground.

If our hearts are on the ground, our country has failed us all. If we are safe, our country is safer. When the women in red shawls dance, they move with slow dignity, swaying gently, all ages, faces soft and eyes determined. Others join them, shaking hands to honor what they know, sharing it. We dance behind them and with them in the circle, often in tears, because at every gathering the red shawls increase, and the violence cuts deep.

3 thoughts on “Louise Erdrich NYTs Op\Ed on Violence against Indian Women

  1. Phil February 27, 2013 / 12:43 pm

    The recent article in Indianz.com seems to tell a different story. It was also interesting to read the comments in the NYT article. Facts and statistics can be spun anyway the writer wishes. The commmenters seem to gab one they like and run with it. The fact is that it is a very complex issue and probably no one has a full understanding of it.


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