Key Primary Documents in the VAWA Reauthorization Fight

Since it is the mission of Turtle Talk to make primary documents available to the Indian law community, here are many of the primary documents we have made available in this long-running political fight to enact what was once known as the SAVE Native Women Act in the Violence against Women Act Reauthorization:

Justice Department Legislative Proposal on Violence Against Native Women

Senate Judiciary Report March 2012

SCIA Report Dec 2012

Congressional Research Service Report

Law Professor Letter Defending SAVE Native Women Act’s Constitutionality

House Judiciary Committee Report

Former US Attorneys’ Letter Supporting SAVE Native Women Act

Federal Defenders’ Opposition

SCIA Written Testimony Nov. 2011

SCIA Written Testimony July 2011

Statement of Administrative Policy on VAWA Reauthorization Act

DOJ Framing Paper May 20 2011

Riyaz Kanji Testimony 2007

Other important materials include:

Sen. Cantwell’s speech on the Senate floor (video)

NCAI Policy Insight Brief titled, Statistics on Violence Against Native Women

White House fact sheet

BeltWayIndian Summary of Tribal Jurisdiction Provisions

Kevin Washburn’s Michigan Law Review article

Brent Leonhard article on Oliphant fix

ABA Resolution

Harold Monteau Indictment of Congressional Research Service Report Damning SAVE Native Women Act

Political commentary of note includes:

Louise Erdrich in the NYTs

UN Experts Call

David Perez

NYTs Editorial Feb. 2013

WaPo Commentary Dec. 2012

NYTs Editorial Nov. 2012

Anderson Law Opposition to Eric Cantor Draft (draft here)

Salon Commentary

The Nation Commentary

NYTs Q&A with Louise Erdrich

Caroline Mayhew in ICT

NYTs “Scourge of Rape” Article

Fletcher ACS Blog post on SAVE Native Women Act