Sliver of a Full Moon Performed at Women Are Sacred Conference

Sliver of a Full Moon is a portrayal of resistance and celebration. It is the story of a movement that restored the authority of Indian tribes over non-Indian abusers to protect women on tribal lands. Although thousands contributed to this victory, Sliver of a Full Moon follows the story of five Native women who took a stand and one Native man, Congressman Tom Cole, who stood with them to win this victory. The cast includes the Native women who stepped forward to publicly share their stories of abuse by non-Indians and counter staunch opponents to the tribal provisions including Diane Millich (Southern Ute), Lisa Brunner (White Earth Ojibwe), Deborah Parker (Tulalip), and Billie Jo Rich (Eastern Band Cherokee). Their stories are that of a movement with a vision of a full moon under which the sovereignty of Indian tribes is fully restored over their lands and peoples. Professional actors will join these women to portray the character of Congressman Tom Cole and that of Eastern Band Cherokee Councilwoman Terri Henry.

Press Release here.

Link to video of live performance here.

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