United States v. Bryant Background Materials

Merits Stage Briefs:

Brief for the United States

NCAI Amicus Brief

NIWRC Amicus Brief

Former US Attys Amicus Brief

Respondent’s Brief

Brief of Amici Curiae Criminal Justice Organizations and Scholars

Brief Amici Curiae of Professor Barbara L. Creel and the Tribal Defender Network

Brief Amici Curiae of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and Experienced Tribal Court Criminal Litigators

Cert Stage Briefs:

Cert Petition

NCAI Amicus Brief in Support

Opposition Brief

US Cert Stage Reply

Lower court briefs (en banc stage):

CA9 Order Denying En Banc Petition + Opinions

US En Banc Petition

NCAI Amicus Brief

Bryant Response

Lower court briefs (panel):

CA9 opinion in United States v. Bryant

Bryant Opening Brief

US Brief

Bryant Reply Brief

Bryant Supplemental Brief

US Supplemental Brief