Justice Ginsburg Corrected Minor Error in Bryant Decision

Here is the NYTs article discussing post-decision amendments and corrections in Supreme Court opinions more generally.

An excerpt:

On the last day of June, for instance, a deputy solicitor general Michael R. Dreeben, wrote a letter to the court saying there had been a mistake in a decision issued a few weeks before. He asked the court to fix the error, and, a week later, it did.

Writing for the majority in a case about domestic assault on Indian reservations, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had said a federal law applied to some serious crimes “when both perpetrator and victim are Indians.” But what the law itself actually said, quite clearly, was that it applied to all victims, Indians or not.

When Mr. Dreeben’s letter arrived, the court promptly sent it to reporters. When the court amended the decision to adopt the revised language Mr. Dreeben had suggested, its website noted the change.