Nooksack Appellate Update: Indian Law Professors Amicus Brief, CoA Reverse Disbarment

In re Gabriel Galanda v Nooksack Tribal Court REJECTED Second Motion for Show Cause Order re Partial Summary Judgment Contempt or Mandamus

In re Gabriel Galanda v Nooksack Tribal Court Motion and Amici Brief of Law Professors in Support of Petitioners


Amici do have grave concerns regarding patent violations of ICRA, harm to the integrity of all tribal courts, and, most importantly, the strategic deprivation of counsel and barred access to justice for Nooksack tribal citizens.  Dr. Martin Luther King’s warning that “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” haunts this matter.  The Nooksack Tribal Court Clerk and those directing him are directly harming the rights of Indians everywhere to access justice and enjoy the rights guaranteed them by Nooksack and federal law.

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UPDATE: Nooksack Court of Appeals reverses disbarment for Galanda Broadman PLLC attorneys.  Download (PDF): In re Gabriel Galanda v Nooksack Tribal Court Order on Plaintiffs’ Second Motion for Partial Summary Judgment