The Apolitical Case against Judge Gorsuch

Here is Emily Bazelon and Eric Posner’s “The Government Gorsuch Wants to Undo.” An excerpt:

But the reality is that Judge Gorsuch embraces a judicial philosophy that would do nothing less than undermine the structure of modern government — including the rules that keep our water clean, regulate the financial markets and protect workers and consumers. In strongly opposing the administrative state, Judge Gorsuch is in the company of incendiary figures like the White House adviser Steve Bannon, who has called for its “deconstruction.” The Republican-dominated House, too, has passed a bill designed to severely curtail the power of federal agencies.

Here are several other tidbits on this issue:

Richard Hasen’s “Neil Gorsuch got where he is because of a form of affirmative action.”

Elie Mystal’s “Truck Drivers Weigh In On TransAm Trucking Case, Neil Gorsuch Nomination.”

NCAI/NARF Support Documents: NCAI NARF Gorsuch letter Final and NCAI Summary of Gorsuch Confirmation Hearing

Turtle Talk’s summary of Judge Gorsuch’s Indian law record.