Deadline Approaching for Pre-Law Advisor Training Conference

Registration is open until January 24 for the Pre-Law Advisor Training Conference, February 4-5, 2020 at the Isleta Resort and Casino. Visit for more information and to register.

PLAT 2020_01Identify, Advise, and Support Native Pre-Law Students

Recent scholarship by the American Bar Association establishes that although the total number of Native American law students has steadily increased over the past four decades, legal education in the United States includes very few Native American law students, professors, and/or administrators. It is clear that progress is needed. The Native student population remains well below one percent of the total J.D. enrollment (The Pursuit of Inclusion: An In depth Exploration of the Experiences and Perspectives of Native American Attorneys in the Legal Profession).

Many Native American attorneys report that their decision to pursue legal education was strongly influenced by personal interaction and the persuasion of family, mentors, lawyers, and other professionals. The Pathways to the Legal Profession Conference aims to increase the number of competitive Native law school applicants nationwide by providing mentors necessary skills and resources to identify, advise, and support the next generation of Indigenous attorneys.

Community and Social Network

We invite advisors with an array of titles and responsibilities to attend the conference. This includes community members such as teachers and youth mentors, as well as those who specifically advise American Indian students interested in applying to law school such as educators, school administrators, and pre-law advisors.

This Training Includes…

  • Keynote session featuring Indian Law professor, Matthew L.M. Fletcher, outlining the need for Native Attorneys
  • Strategies to identify students who possess qualities that may translate to success in law school
  • Workshop on applying to law school, covering topics such as advising applicants on their personal statements, resumes, and supplemental statements (including diversity statements and other addenda); financing law school; LSAT Overview; and law school selection
  • Panel discussion with current Native law students
  • A national network of pre-law advisors to American Indian prospective law school applicant


Please note, if you are a student interested in law school consider applying to the Native American Pipeline to Law Initiative Admissions Workshop.