Yellen v. Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation Background Materials

Here are the merits briefs:

Brief of Alaska Native Village Corporation Association Inc.

Brief of the United States

Brief of the Confederated Chehalis Tribes

Brief of the Ute Tribe

United States Reply

Alaska Native Village Corporation Association Reply

Chehalis Letter

Post-Argument Letters:

2021.04.23 Chehalis Letter to USSC Clerk of the Court

2021-4-22 ANCs response letter

Confederated Tribes Letter Re Oral Argument Correction 4 20 21 [Ute Tribe/Patterson firm]

US Letter 20-543 20-544

Amicus Briefs Supporting Petitioners:

Amicus Brief of Alaska Congressional Delegation

Amicus Brief of Assn of Alaska Housing Authorities

Amicus Brief of Cook Inlet Region Inc.

Amicus Brief of the Alaska Federation of Natives

Amicus Brief of the State of Alaska

Amicus Briefs Supporting Respondents:

Amicus Brief of Academics

Amicus Brief of Bear River Band of Rohnerville Rancheria

Amicus Brief of Raul Grijalva

Amicus Brief of the States

Amicus Brief of Tribal Organizations

Cert Stage Briefs

Mnuchin v Chehalis Cert Petition

Alaska Native Corps Cert Petition

Members of Congress Amicus Brief

State of Alaska Amicus Brief

Chehalis Brief in Opposition

Ute Tribe BIO

Cheyenne River Sioux BIO


Federal Petitioner’s Reply

D.C. Circuit materials:


Chehalis et al Brief

Navajo et al Brief

NCAI Brief


US Brief

Alaska Federation of Natives Amicus Brief

Cook Inlet Region Amicus Brief

Chehalis et al Reply

Navajo et al Reply

District Court materials:

1 Complaint

3 Complaint

4 Motion for TRO

5 Motion for TRO

21 US Brief

23 Ahtna Amicus Brief

25 Gila River Amicus Brief

30 Chehalis Reply

36 DCT Order


77 Chehalis MSJ

78-1 Alaska Corps MSJ

79-1 Mnuchin MSJ

81 AFN Brief

82 NCAI Amicus Brief

97 DCT Order

99 Chelahis Motion for Stay Pending Appeal

102 Calista Response

103 Federal Response

104 ANC Response

105 Ahtna Response

106 Chehalis Reply

107 DCT Order on Stay