“When are We Going to Get Our Indian Money?” — The Saga of the Michigan Ottawa Indian Claims Commission Judgment Told in the Pages of Turtle Talk

The Michigan Indian Land Claims Settlement Act of 1997 took some time to get past Congress after the Indian Claims Commission judgment came out in 1972. Here is some of that history told in the pages of the original Turtle Talk newsletter and its precursor, Indian Talk of Southern Michigan.

Indian Talk, April 1975
Turtle Talk, Dec. 1979
Reprinted in February 1980 issue of Turtle Talk, published by the Grand Rapids Inter-Tribal Council.
Turtle Talk, April 1982
Letter to the Editor, Turtle Talk, Feb. 1980 [I know, I know, this is about the Potawatomi Indian money, but it’s too rich to leave out. . . .]
Turkey Talk, April 1980 [April Fool’s issue of Turtle Talk — weirdos. . . .]
Turtle Talk, Nov. 1986
Turtle Talk, July 1987