Long Conference Update: SCOTUS Denies Cert in a Several Indian Law Cases

Here is yesterday’s order list.

1. The Court denied cert in Acres v. Marston, part of a longstanding — and by now patently ridiculous — effort by a nonmember to punish an Indian tribe’s employees for working at the tribe. The petition is here (the respondent’s waived the right to respond):

2. The Court also denied cert in Mill Bay Members Assn. v. United States, another petition related to a longstanding effort by nonmembers to punish an Indian tribe for existing, this time by suing the federal government. The petition is here (the government waived the right to respond):

3. The Court also denied cert in Becker v. Ute Indian Tribe, a case about tribal exhaustion with a plausible, if weak, circuit split — perhaps, again, because this is a longstanding, ridiculous dispute between a nonmember and tribe (both sides ridiculous this time). The cert stage briefs are here.

4. The Court, finally, denied cert in Quaempts v. Lopez, an unremarkable sovereign immunity matter.

Having fun with DALL-E: “Darth Vader arguing with a tribal judge about fish.”