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Alaska SCT Recognizes Inherent Authority of Tribal Court to Enforce Child Support Orders Against Non-Member Parents

From Justice Fabe’s opinion: This case, in contrast, requires that we decide whether tribal courts’ inherent, non-territorial subject matter jurisdiction does in fact extend to the adjudication of the child support rights and obligations of nonmember parents of children who … Continue reading

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Federal Subsistence Board Restores Saxman Tribe’s Subsistence Rights

Big announcement today out of Alaska:  The Federal Subsistence Board (FSB), the body charged with managing subsistence hunting and fishing on Alaska’s public lands and waters, restored the Organized Village of Saxman to “rural community status,” thereby making members once … Continue reading

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Unpublished Decision from Alaska Declining to Apply 2015 ICWA Guidelines Provision on Expert Witnesses

Here. Even before the holding, the Court brushes aside some pretty disturbing facts, including: OCS noted that Casey might be affiliated with the Asa’carsamiut Tribe and that the children were believed to be Indian children affiliated with the Tribe. . … Continue reading

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Alaska SCT Holds Yupik Parent’s Choice to Live Subsistence Way of Life Constituted “Voluntarily and Unreasonable” Unemployment Under State Child Support Law

Opinion in re Sharpe v. Sharpe (Alaska Jan. 8 2016) In a 3-2 decision, Alaska’s Supreme Court has affirmed a lower court’s decision denying a motion for modification of child support to an Yup’ik Eskimo who the court believed was unreasonably unemployed when she … Continue reading

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