Coverage of the 44th Annual Dakota Conference in the Argus Leader

Here are some links to articles on, and photos of, the 44th Annual Dakota Conference that was held this weekend at Augustana College.  The theme was Wounded Knee 1973.  Unsurprisingly, Russell Means’ comments and keynote address got the most coverage.  The highlight for me was a panel on Native Women’s role in Wounded Knee, which included presentations by Professor Elizabeth Castle, Marcella Gilbert, and Danyelle Means.  I also really enoyed a talk by Professor Emerita Elizabeth Cook-Lynn and a talk and poetry reading by Allison Hedge Coke and Renee Sans Souci.  Finally, a panel discussion by Dennis Banks, Clyde Bellecourt, and Senator James Abourezk was very illuminating, as was a talk by journalist Kevin McKiernan, who covered the occupation from the inside for NPR.