Discussions from the Borderlands

This week the Michigan State University Department of Philosophy conference Discussions From the Borderlands will host two ILPC alumni as keynote speakers! PDF flyer here.

Sarah Yore-Van Oosterhout, ‘12 “The Invisible Wall”

March 13 5-6pm Wells Hall B310

Nellie Jo David, ‘14  “When Borders Cross O’odham: Maintaining Connections During Active Conquests to Divide Our People”

March 14 3-4pm MSU Library Digital Scholarship Lab, 2nd Floor West Wing


program draft

Calling all PLSI Alumni!

Send your advice or encouragement to Native American pre-law students. Your quote could appear on new PLSI materials!

What advice would you give to a future law student? What advice or encouragement would you give to your pre-law self?

The American Indian Law Center, Inc. would like to use your answers on new materials (brochure, website, bookmarks, conference program). Please send your quote to Rodina Cave Parnall at AILCinfo@law.unm.edu by January 4, 2019 and keep it to less than 160 characters. It may be edited down to meet space limitations. Include your PLSI class year and current position.

ILPC Graduate Accepts Judicial Clerkship

Congratulations to Lydia Locklear (Lumbee), a 2017 graduate of Michigan State University College of Law and recipient of the Indigenous Law Certificate. Lydia recently accepted a judicial clerkship position with the Honorable Anita Earls. Justice Earls was elected to the North Carolina Supreme Court and has an extensive background in civil rights and social justice work. Congratulations Lydia!

Dobson Cooper Scholarship - Lydia Locklear - 2

Photo: Lydia Locklear, ’17


ILPC alumni, please connect with us (indigenous@law.msu.edu) and share your important news! We would love to hear from you.