Denezpi v. United States Background Materials

Merits Stage Materials

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Amicus Brief

US Brief

NIWRC & NCAI Amicus Brief

Scholars Amicus Brief

States Amicus Brief

Tribal Governments Amicus Brief

Cert Stage Materials

Cert Petition


United States’ Brief in Opposition

Tenth Circuit Materials

United States v Denezpi Tenth Circuit Opinion

Denezpi Opening Brief

US Answer Brief

Reply Brief

District Court Materials

1 Indictment

1-1 Criminal Information Sheet

14 DCT Detention Order

29 Denezpi Motion to Dismiss

29-1 CFR Pleadings

30 US Response

31 Reply

31-1 CFR Court Forms

32 DCT Order Denying Motion to Dismiss on Double Jeopardy Grounds