Bob Hershey on Globalization’s Impacts on Indigenous Peoples

Robert Hershey has posted his paper, “Globalization and its Special and Significant Impacts on Indigenous Communities,” on SSRN.

Here is the abstract:

Globalization is really a painting of the earth whose rendering can never be truly fixed. Yet, it is emblematic of the social dimensions of human interactions. Globalization has particular urgency for the world’s Indigenous Peoples. Many Indigenous systems of collective economic production and distribution do not conform to capitalism’s cultural emphasis on individual accumulation. This manuscript explores the challenges to Indigenous societies from economic hegemonic regimes, bioprospecting, nature conservation, and extended continuing and derivative impacts. Crucially, Indigenous Peoples do not passively accede to domination by global market forces. Resistance, negotiation, and consultation are common features of Indigenous communities’ interactions with transnational corporations and international economic policy bodies, but the definition and content of these terms play out very differently for distinct societies. The article suggests appropriate protocols for engaging Indigenous societies and recognizes alternatives to domination. It concludes with an examination of how Indigenous Peoples may be embracing internet technologies to further their claims to self-determination.