Detroit News: “Manisteepee?”

From the Detroit News:

“In this tranquil beach community, the gentle lapping waves of Lake Michigan have brought ashore a brutish dispute.

Sports fishermen and charter boat operators are fighting a local American Indian tribe over its use of fishing nets in one of the top salmon spots in the nation.

The issue has led to vandalism, boycotts and charges of favoritism and racism. Some boaters refer to the town as Manisteepee.

‘It’s racial,” said Matt Stone, 28, an American Indian netter who has been called racist names. “I know it. I feel it. I see it. I hear it.'”

Jacque Leblanc hauls in chubs near Manistee. Fishermen and boat operations are at odds with a local Indian tribe over use of nets. (John L. Russell / Special to The Detroit News)