Fake Indian Alert: Federal Complaint by “Chief” of Nonrecognized Tribe

Here is the complaint in Riggin v. Woodward (D. Colo.):

1 Complaint

The complaint includes the following text:

This case has been properly removed to the Karluk Tribal court, as Mr. Riggin is a tribal member and the Chief, of the KiKiallus Indian Nation. Per the Point Elliot Treaty of 1855, he is granted among other things, the right to hunt for game, and sovereign immunity. These treaty rights have been violated and ignored by the Jefferson County Courts, thus giving the United States District Court original jurisdiction over this action.

We’ve posted on the nonrecognized Washington state tribe, “KiKiallus Indian Nation,” and the use/abuse by its alleged members of an entity known as the “Karluk Tribal court” here, here, here, here, and here.