Cert Stage Filings In S.S. v. CRIT (ICWA Case)

This is the cert petition from the Arizona Court of Appeals decision applying ICWA to step-parent or third party adoptions, where Dad attempted to terminate Mom’s rights so Step-Mom could adopt children.

Cert petition filed by the Goldwater Institute purportedly on behalf of the children.

Amicus in Support of the Cert Petition filed by the Pacific Legal Foundation

Brief in Opposition filed by the Colorado River Indian Tribes

Goldwater Reply



Cert Petition Filed in ICWA Case out of Arizona

Here is the petition in S.S. v. The Colorado River Indian Tribes. Goldwater has filed cert on an Arizona Court of Appeals case the Arizona Supreme Court refused to review. Here is the Court of Appeals case.

Sorry for the delay in posting–I’m spending a few days trying to forget Goldwater exists.