10th Annual Haudenosaunne Conference (“Sken:nen”) @ Syracuse Law School This Weekend

Here.The blurb:

The Haudenosaunee teach that peace is not the absence of war, but rather is an active striving towards universal justice. Today, the Haudenosaunee and many other indigenous peoples are striving to create their version of peace in a world that is often hostile to indigenous sovereignty, illustrated by the land claim legal battles, interference in border crossing rights, and the Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl case, to name just a few examples. Yet despite these constant battles indigenous peoples continue to strive for a society that creates peace or universal justice. The 10th Haudenosaunee conference brings together speakers and participants to discuss and share ideas about how they view peace and the means they use to achieve that peace.

And the agenda:

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8th Annual Haudenosaunee Conference at Syracuse University

Event to be held at the Goldstein Student Center, Syracuse University

Speakers include: Sarah Krakoff, Lindsay Robertson, Matthew Fletcher, Joe Heath, Justin Schapp, Douglas Sanderson, Julie Ann Cavanaugh-Bill, Meghan McCune, Carrie Garrow, & Kathryn Fort

Registration at www.law.syr.edu/indigenous

Video Links to 4th Annual Haudenosaunee Conference

Links to the videos of the 4th Annual Haudenosaunee Conference, “Conflict, Colonization, and Co-Existence: The Haudenosaunee and New York State” are here.

Speakers included Oren Lyons, Maurice John, Laurence Hauptman, and Rob Porter.