No Federal Jurisdiction in California Smokeshop Case

Here are the materials in State ex rel. Harris v. Rose (E.D. Cal.):

DCT Order Granting Remand

Motion to Remand



An excerpt:

Plaintiff State of California initially sued defendant Darren Rose in Shasta County Superior Court, alleging that Rose violated state law by selling certain unregistered cigarette brands and by failing to properly collect & remit tobacco excise taxes. Rose removed the matter to this court, alleging federal question jurisdiction. California now moves to remand, and seeks an accompanying award of attorney’s fees and costs if it prevails on this motion.

The motion came on for hearing on May 13, 2013. Having considered the matter, for the reasons set forth below, the court will grant California’s motion and remand this matter.

Grisanti Casino Brawl Grows More Complicated

From the Buffalo News, which at least one friend of TT points out has corrected this story any number of times.

Police officials indicated Monday that they do not believe any crime was committed during a weekend brawl at a Niagara Falls casino involving State Sen. Mark J. Grisanti and a Seneca businessman.

But a new controversy about the rumble arose Monday evening when another Seneca Nation businessman told The Buffalo News he heard Grisanti yelling racial epithets at a black security officer during the Friday night incident. However, no racial epithets can be heard in a cellphone video of the incident given to the News by an attorney for another Seneca businessman.

The video shows Grisanti being held on the floor and later put in a chokehold by security officers.

The allegation of racist remarks was made by businessman Ross L. John Sr., a former member of the Senecas’ Tribal Council. John said he is certain that he heard Grisanti “at least twice” yelling a harsh racial epithet at a black security officer who had subdued him.

“I was maybe 15 feet away. I heard it,” John said. “[Grisanti] yelled, ‘Don’t you know who the [expletive] I am, you [expletive]?”

John said he is “certain” he heard Grisanti using racial epithets and will tell police that if he becomes a witness in the case.

Grisanti, R-Buffalo, told The News he was very upset during the incident but doesn’t recall making any racial statements of any kind.

“I don’t recall saying any racist word. That’s not in my nature,” Grisanti said late Monday.

Indiana Tribal History News Article

From the Terre Haute News:

Genealogy: Many tribes left their mark on Indiana

By Tamie Dehler
Special to the Tribune-Star
TERRE HAUTE Last week’s column discussed Indiana’s most influential Indian tribes, the Miami, Wea, and Piankashaw, as described in The Indian Tribes of North America, by John R. Swanton. Yet, there were other tribes that also left their mark in and on the state.

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Video Links to 4th Annual Haudenosaunee Conference

Links to the videos of the 4th Annual Haudenosaunee Conference, “Conflict, Colonization, and Co-Existence: The Haudenosaunee and New York State” are here.

Speakers included Oren Lyons, Maurice John, Laurence Hauptman, and Rob Porter.