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Indian Law Articles in This Month’s Judicial Notice (New York Court Publication)

Here 4 New York’s Quest for Jurisdiction over Indian Lands by Hon. Carrie Garrow 20 New York State’s Recent Judicial Collaboration with Indigenous Partners: The Story of New York’s Federal-State-Tribal Courts and Indian Nations Justice Forum by Hon. Marcy L. … Continue reading

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New Legal Aid Clinic for Native Americans in Buffalo, New York

Attorney Lee Redeye, a member of the Seneca Nation of Indians, recently started a legal aid clinic aimed increasing access to legal systems for Native American people living in Western New York. For more information, please read the article here.

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Tribal Police Jurisdiction Decision from NY

People v. Herne It could be a bad law school exam–a tribal member is arrested by tribal police on land currently subject to an ongoing land claim and the state court finds no jurisdiction. Solve for X. (X being the … Continue reading

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Copy of the OIN/NY State/County Agreement

The 79 page PDF is here Via Syracuse.com.

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Oneida Indian Nation and State of New York Agreement on Wide Range of Issues

Here. Another article here. Details from the Syracuse.com article: In a deal announced today, the Oneidas will give 25 percent of their gaming machine revenues to the state in exchange for exclusive rights to run casinos in a 10-county area … Continue reading

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NYTs: New York Complains about Tribal Smokeshops

From the NYTs: He emerged from the No. 2 subway at 125th Street wearing a bright orange shirt and aviator sunglasses, with a small backpack concealing his stock in trade — tax-free Newport cigarettes. Like a Yankee Stadium hawker, but … Continue reading

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July 2007 NY State Bar Exam Indian Law Question

We know that Washington, New Mexico, and South Dakota have Indian law on the state bar exam, but so did the July 2007 New York state bar(!!!!). Update from Paul Spruhan: The question came from a “multistate performance test” that … Continue reading

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Video Links to 4th Annual Haudenosaunee Conference

Links to the videos of the 4th Annual Haudenosaunee Conference, “Conflict, Colonization, and Co-Existence: The Haudenosaunee and New York State” are here. Speakers included Oren Lyons, Maurice John, Laurence Hauptman, and Rob Porter.

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St. Regis Mohawk Suit re: Delay in Fee to Trust Decision

In a case where the Department of Interior issued a FONSI in 2006 and the Governor of New York concurred in the trust acquisition (for gaming purposes) shortly thereafter, Secretary Kempthorne still has not taken action. So, the St. Regis … Continue reading

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Tales from the Cert Pool: Circuit Splits and Federal Indian Law

Most cases now reach the Supreme Court because of circuit splits or splits in authority between federal courts of appeal and state supreme courts, but federal Indian law is an exception. In my study of the digital archive of Justice … Continue reading

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