DOI Consultation Notice on DOI Reorganization

Download(PDF): Tribal Listening Sessions on E.O. 13871: Reorganization of the Executive Branch

Acting Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs, Michael S. Black, invites Tribal leaders to attend one of the listed listening sessions to provide input on improving “efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability” at the Department of the Interior.


Land Claim Filed in Minnesota Federal District Court

Complaint here.
Press Release here.

The lawsuit speaks of the Minnesota 1862 Sioux revolt where Congress later helped to regain lands for the Mdewakanton who saved settlers and did not participate in the revolt. A never repealed February 1863 Act instructed the Secretary of Interior to set aside about 12 square miles of reservation land for the loyal Mdewakanton’s “for ever.” Because of white-settler hostility, the loyal Mdewakanton were not able to settle on those lands. But, the United States, although it never had the legal authority to transfer title, did so and sold the land to subsequent possessors. Thus, all subsequent land owners never had clear title to those Indian lands.

Order Approving Oneida/NYS Settlement Agreement and Dismissing Interventions — UPDATED

Here is the order approving the settlement agreement between the Oneida Indian Nation and the State of New York, and dismissing both the Cayuga Nation and Stockbridge-Munsee Community’s motions for intervention.

UPDATE — briefs are here:

280-2 Cayuga Motion to Intervene

288 Oneida Response to CN Motion

289 Interior Response to CN Motion

290 NY Response to CN Motion

293 Cayuga Reply

300 MJ R&R Recommending Grant of CN Motion

303-1 Stockbridge-Munsee Motion to Intervene

312 NY Plaintiffs Objection to R&R

313 Oneida Objection to R&R

319 Settlement and Stipulation

326 NY Plaintiffs Response to SMC Motion

327 Oneida Response to SMC Motion

329 Interior Response to SMC Motion

332 Stockbridge Munsee Reply

344 Interior ROD Amendment

Onondaga Nation Press Release on Denial of Cert

Here (pdf).

The Onondaga Nation’s struggle for justice will not end with today’s denial; and the Nation is working with its attorneys to file a challenge in an international arena–either the United Nation or the Organization of American States Commission on Human Rights.
“We have recognized for years, that no justice would come to the Nation in US courts,” said Onondaga Nation General Counsel, Joe Heath. “The struggle for healing and justice will continue; and this is no longer a land rights case–it is a land rights movement. It is time to admit these historic harms; and it is time for justice, time for healing.”
Contact: Joe Heath, (315) 447-4851;

Previous coverage here.