Federal Court Finds Sac and Fox Nation Police Officer Covered by FTCA

Here are the materials in Richie v. United States (W.D. Okla.):






An excerpt:

The Court, therefore, finds that assisting, when requested, a local law enforcement agency in the enforcement or carrying out of the laws the agency enforces would be encompassed within the law enforcement services included in the Compact and the AFAs. The Court further finds that Eversole’s actions of responding to a Stroud officer’s request for assistance would be encompassed by the Compact and the AFAs.

Sac & Fox 14th Annual Native Nations Law Symposium


The Sac and Fox Nation of Missouri in Kansas and Nebraska is proud to present the 14th annual Native Nations Law Symposium. The Symposium seeks to promote relations and education of important legal topics among all legal professionals both Tribal and State. Please see attached document for a copy of the tentative schedule (speakers may be subject to change).

Debate on JURIST re: NAGPRA and the Jim Thorpe Case

Here is Walter Olson’s post “NAGPRA, Indian Burials, and the Unquiet Grave.”

Here is Elizabeth C. Varner, Diane Penneys Edelman and Leila Amineddoleh’s “NAGPRA and Congress’s Foresight.”

H/T Pechanga.

The Third Circuit materials are here (en banc petition pending).

Third Circuit Accepts NCAI and Sen. Nighthorse Campbell Amicus Briefs in Jim Thorpe Appeal


ORDER (MCKEE, Chief and Circuit Judge) granting motions of the National Congress of the American Indians and Ben Nighthorse Campbell to file in support of the petition for rehearing. The Clerk is directed to file the briefs on the docket as statements in support of rehearing and circulate them to the full Court. No response by Appellant is required unless the court directs, filed. [13-2446, 13-2451] (TMK)

The en banc petition is here. The amicus briefs are here.

Third Circuit En Banc Petition Materials in Thorpe v. Borough of Jim Thorpe (UPDATED)


Petition for Rehearing (12-8-14)

NCAI Mtn for Leave and Proposed Brief in Support Filed 12-8-14

Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell amicus brief

Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell motion for leave to file amicus brief


Borough Opposition to NCAI Amicus Brief

NCAI Reply in Support of Amicus Motion

Third Circuit panel materials here.

Third Circuit Holds NAGPRA Does Not Require Repatriation of Jim Thorpe’s Remains

Here is the opinion in Thorpe v. Borough of Jim Thorpe:

Jim Thorpe Opinion [Update — the clerk has withdrawn this version of the opinion for quality control.]

An excerpt:

Thorpe’s remains are located at their final resting place and have not been disturbed. We find that applying NAGPRA to Thorpe’s burial in the Borough is such a clearly absurd result and so contrary to Congress’s intent to protect Native American burial sites that the Borough cannot be held to the requirements imposed on a museum under these circumstances. We reverse the District Court and hold that the Borough is not a “museum” under NAGPRA for the purposes of Thorpe’s burial.

Briefs here and here. Oral argument audio here.

Lower court materials here.

Native Wholesale Supply v. Wasden (Idaho) Cert Petition


Native Wholesale Supply v Wasden Cert Petition

1. Whether under circumstances in which a State is admittedly precluded from regulating an Indian it is also precluded from regulating a corporation wholly owned by an Indian and organized under the laws of a federally recognized tribe.
2. Whether, under a State law that purports to give the Attorney General power to “approve” all cigarettes before they may be imported into Idaho, the State of Idaho can prohibit an Indian-owned business on the Coeur d’Alene reservation from importing into that reservation cigarettes that are sold “FOB Seneca Nation” by a company wholly owned by a member of the Seneca Nation and licensed by the Seneca Nation to carry on such trade.
3. Whether the State of Idaho’s cigarette-sale statutes are preempted to the extent that they are enforced in a manner that prohibits Native Wholesale Supply Company (“NWS”) from trading with Warpath Inc. (“Warpath”).
4. Whether the State of Idaho can constitutionally exercise personal jurisdiction over NWS, an Indian-chartered entity located on Seneca Nation of Indians Land, situated within the geographic boundaries of the State of New York, where NWS sells the tobacco products “FOB Seneca Nation” to Warpath, and the products are then transported to Warpath’s place of business on the Coeur d’Alene reservation.

Lower court materials here.